Internationales Symposium am 3-4. November 2012 in Hellerau - Europäisches Zentrum der Künste Dresden

The symposium is a starting point both for a research project on body politics and for an artistic project by the Berlin based performance group LIGNA on modern movement choirs.

What were the particular impulses that spread from Hellerau a hundred years ago and strongly influenced the development of modern dance?
Did the result come closer to a ‘liberation of the bodies’ as proclaimed by the life reform movement?
How can we refl ect this development in the context of a transcultural modernity?
How are the body politics of that time, between discipline and performance, related to an emancipation of the political body?
What kind of community is created by the movement choirs?
To what extent the new artistic and political principles were realized in the widespread practice of amateur dance?
What might be possible ways – keeping in mind the history of mass choreographies in 20th Century – to re-appropriate the idea of movement choirs in contemporary performance?

The conference language is mainly English.